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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Groundhog's Day Hello from Etsy

Etsy is like that person you had a crush on all the way through high
school, but figured that they never knew you existed. Until that graduation party
when they got drunk and said they always had a crush on you too.

That's kind of what today feels like. After reeling at a sudden burst of sales
this morning, I found out from my DEF (Dear Etsy Friend), ZJayne, that Etsy put me in their
mass "Etsy Finds" mailer in honor of Groundhog's Day. They featured my stalker card
Lick your Shadow:

I knew I loved Groundhog's Day for a reason! Well, the original reason was because
of Bill Murray and Andy MacDowell, but this is a sufficient second reason.
Also new in my cyber shop:

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