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artist, writer, un-organizer, cat snuggler, hug smuggler, red lipstick wearing giddy sassbag of a card peddling nerdface.


Roz Inga is an abstract expressionist, mixed media artist, and the creator of the madcap persona of Bipolar Betty. Her creative life began at a very young age with a love of books, writing, and collage. At the age of 28, after 10 years of playing the role of Big Girl in several Big Cities, she returned home for a visit and picked up a paintbrush in the nurturing silence of her childhood bedroom.

Several years later, she came across a $1 set of alphabet stamps in a discount bin at a craft store and got to work inking out a funny card for a friend. The rest of the Bipolar Betty story is history.

Since those two hallmark events, her artwork has been displayed in prominent galleries all over Washington State and sold to collectors all across infinity. Her Bipolar Betty cards have been sold in shops across the country, featured in numerous blogs, and sold to loyal customers all over the world.

The goal for this blog is to provide a behind-the-scenes look at her creative process, announce upcoming shows, showcase new artwork, and to give a few sneak peeks into her private journeys. It is dedicated to her gracious, amazing supporters and patrons who are interested in watching the Art Monster they created grow and flourish.


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