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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time Travel: Part Deux

On July 24th, I spent the evening with the infamous Gene Soto and Katie Gonzales at their cooking school/restaurant--Someone's in the Kitchen on Rose Street in Walla Walla--for my first "real" art opening. I tried to be a lady in my special Dismantled Fashions dress from http://www.dismantledfashions.etsy.com/ but might have stumbled a few times in my heels...(graceful as always after a glass of wine and a nervous belly).

When my dad and I came down a few days prior to hang paintings, we learned that one wall was cement and no nail would be going through it...so we had to learn this amazing velcro trick that worked about as well as chewed bubblegum at first, but we made amends through auspicious trial and error.



I was so pleased with the turn out. It was a small crowd, but everyone there was so supportive of me and my work and I completely lost myself in the pleasure of getting to know everyone. Hearing new thoughts about my artwork and having the opportunity to talk about the process for each one, helped me to love the work all over again. Needless to say, I had a fire in my heart by the end of the evening and couldn't wait to get back to my studio to paint.
I can't thank Katie and Gene enough for the opportunity to show at their high end, hip venue and love all of the new favorite places I've learned about on my subsequent trips to WW. My art will be up through the end of September and I plan to support all of their featured artists along the way....xoxox!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time Travel

It's time to take the Roz Inga time machine back
to July 19th....the weekend of the Prosser Wine and Art Gala. My hero, Consuelo Soto Murphey sat painting and making good use of herself while I wandered around aimlessly, looking
for my next glass of beer. Other artists of note were Liz Henry from http://www.swirlstudio.etsy.com and Rick Gallegos (see previous post for his genius).

Luckily, my two favorite Prosserites were in attendance: seen here in the photo are
Jake and Rosemary. The best set of locals I've ever met, they are devoted to this town and its pleasures and I adore them for it.

Liz Henry of Swirl Studio and I had a magician turn my dollar bill into something crazy. Also in the photo is the Queen of Prosser, Carol of Sixth Street Gallery.

The nameless magician, Sean Murphy and lil old me....

Overall, I loved this night and four hours felt like one (thanks especially to Consuelo's husband, Sean, who kept me company and never let me be without a full glass). Looking forward to
next year ;)

Monday, August 24, 2009

My new favorite thing


Here is the painting that my good friend
and local artist Rick Gallegos did for me last
week. Yikes! Ralph...you are just so life-like
and I can't tell if you are thinking deep
thoughts or if you are ready to grab my shirt collar
and pull me close.....
This is the best, most cherished piece of
orginal art to date and I'm sure it
won't be the only piece of his
that I will acquire over the
years. Rick's talent is way above
and beyond the "norm" and he deserves much
more exposer and credit than he gets.

Albeit our styles of painting are much different,
Rick's work always inspires me to be better at what
I do and I LOVE that. There is a lot of lackluster
art out on the streets these days and when I first
held this hot little piece in my hands, it was like a
jolt to the heart with a defriblillator.

Some of Rick's earlier work:
(ya, he's the spray paint king)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Death by Cubicle

I can't think of a better piece of art to push off into art blogging

than the post-mortem photo of my dearly departed

Bostonian friend Lindsey (of the Patchwork Quilt dwelling clan).

It is Friday and, as you can see, it was Death by Cubicle.