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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

red flags and long nights.

For those who were waiting, the Betty Stalker Notes have been made into nifty cards, just in time for Valentine's Day. Or, the entire month of February, which is the unofficial Stalking Month as decreed by me.

I love my blogger friends who manage to capture their life with photos. As much as I love to read, sometimes I don't want to. Especially if it looks like a particularly long passage, or if I have my Bad Glasses on, like today. It is my goal to tote my camera around wherever I go, and I am not worried about the implications of manhandling it all day long, because it is really an awful camera. If I trip on a sidewalk line and crush the lens under my jagged hipbone, I might then allow myself to get a new camera. But THEN and ONLY then. Kind of like, how my converse are covered in paint, but I am convinced that they don't need to be replaced until I can see my socks through the soles.

I want to post a photo for you, but I can't. I forgot to bring my camera on the first day of camera-policy inception.

It doesn't look promising, gang. Not at all.

Check in January 10th for new art postings!


  1. I will be back now that you are blogging again and I've discovered Bipolar Betty and her alter ego!

  2. i get to comment. i get to comment. i get to comment. :)