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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heartbeats The Knife

The music of The Knife always takes me somewhere special.
This particular video makes me feel all cheery and ready
to do a sun and flower motif with chalk on a sidewalk somewhere..

Sadly, nothing new to post as I suddenly and unexpectedly developed a
routine where I make time for myself and accomplished very little this weekend outside of dreaming about getting a pony for my birthday and watching some recently acquired (and coveted) episodes of MST3K. It took a lot of discipline to just lay on my bed with a very needy cat on my belly and watch an entire movie, but I did it and I feel better for it. We all need rest beyond sleeping, people. Sure, I could have read a book, but honestly--sometimes that feels like work, too.

Set up new artwork at Whistran Brewery yesterday and had some of their delicious Steamy Cream! Did I take photos? Of course not. Because now that I am taking my camera everywhere, I can never find it. I need a row of hooks by the door for itemized things: A hook for my keys, a hook for camera, for eye glasses, for iTouch, for my Abby Normal brain. And if I enter the house without placing said item on appropriate hook, an alarm will go off similar to the one at the airport when you have change in your pockets and metal imbedded in your chest cavity.

Bipolar Betty is SOON to be at Zim Zim on SE Ankeny in Portland!

Also, some even more delicious new is that Minds Eye Designs will be using
a few of BB photos and quotes on napkins and magnets, etc.

I'm not an expert at success or anything, but doesn't this feel like the
beginning of world domination? Don't worry, I'll send the limo for you as soon as I've drank all of the champagne and eaten all of the gourmet peanuts.


  1. congrats woman...world domination domino has fallen

  2. Congrats, Roz! Awesome news... and to think, I knew her when...(Betty)