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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time Travel

It's time to take the Roz Inga time machine back
to July 19th....the weekend of the Prosser Wine and Art Gala. My hero, Consuelo Soto Murphey sat painting and making good use of herself while I wandered around aimlessly, looking
for my next glass of beer. Other artists of note were Liz Henry from http://www.swirlstudio.etsy.com and Rick Gallegos (see previous post for his genius).

Luckily, my two favorite Prosserites were in attendance: seen here in the photo are
Jake and Rosemary. The best set of locals I've ever met, they are devoted to this town and its pleasures and I adore them for it.

Liz Henry of Swirl Studio and I had a magician turn my dollar bill into something crazy. Also in the photo is the Queen of Prosser, Carol of Sixth Street Gallery.

The nameless magician, Sean Murphy and lil old me....

Overall, I loved this night and four hours felt like one (thanks especially to Consuelo's husband, Sean, who kept me company and never let me be without a full glass). Looking forward to
next year ;)

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