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Monday, August 24, 2009

My new favorite thing


Here is the painting that my good friend
and local artist Rick Gallegos did for me last
week. Yikes! Ralph...you are just so life-like
and I can't tell if you are thinking deep
thoughts or if you are ready to grab my shirt collar
and pull me close.....
This is the best, most cherished piece of
orginal art to date and I'm sure it
won't be the only piece of his
that I will acquire over the
years. Rick's talent is way above
and beyond the "norm" and he deserves much
more exposer and credit than he gets.

Albeit our styles of painting are much different,
Rick's work always inspires me to be better at what
I do and I LOVE that. There is a lot of lackluster
art out on the streets these days and when I first
held this hot little piece in my hands, it was like a
jolt to the heart with a defriblillator.

Some of Rick's earlier work:
(ya, he's the spray paint king)

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