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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Up and Open.

"I fell in love with a task master and he said emotions are something to consider only after work is done." $350

Getting all of the art up at Green Spoon went over without a hitch, thanks mostly to The Dad for developing an upcycled hanging ledge and wire system for the art. He was up on the ladder for hours while I was drinking wine with Katie at the bottom, both of us swallowing quickly to say, "...a little that way..." and "...up about three inches..." or "...okay, now down....too far!" Every time he moved the ladder, he had to remind me that I needed to help him. Is this just the beginning for the egocentrical artist inside of me? Oblivious to the pains of my father?

Let's hope so.

After hanging art, setting out the metal spoon "light" and bowl made of wrenches that dad gifted to the restaurant, Katie and Gene treated us to Thai pizza from the place down the street...I will insert the name here once I remember what it was. But, oh boy, Thai pizza...yum! I don't think I've ever had it so good!

I finished about five small pieces of quote art for Matter!, cranked out a few wholesale card orders, did ten sit-ups, and started on some mini word art paintings for my Bipolar Betty site this weekend. Also, I will be blogging here:
http://www.dearbipolarbetty.blogspot.com/ starting now, if any of you are interested.

My friend Robert suggested that I surf the web for an art grant that might suit my needs while nursing a bottle of wine. It's been a long time since I've heard a more delightful way to execute a task.

"Before she could fall, she first had to walk to the edge." $350

"The untouchable flowers of your fragile sea." $200

"We opened our mouths to the sun and kicked our shoes to the ocean." $200

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  1. haha! Don't feel bad, I did the same with my boyfriend for my show - he was measuring, cutting the fishing line, hanging and I was cursing and directing lol. Congrats on the show though, it looks great!