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Monday, March 14, 2011


***Mission Control to Satellite of Love, we have contact with
Roz Inga. Over.***

I spent a couple blissful days snuggling up to salty dogs, HGTV, sketching out random pieces of art with pastel and crayons (the kind of art you are free to do when you don't care what happens to it or who buys it), flipping through art magazines, eating my way through Portland, and watching my new favorite IFC show Portlandia. It is imperitive for my thirty-something year old liver that I cease from dairy and alcohol and processed sugar for a week (at least until Wednesday.). I want to say that I am a glowing piece of shiny happy person, but really, it's 1 o'clock in the afternoon and my over-indulgent vacation trained my brain to expect a glass of wine and a heavy meal by now. Of which
I shall be having none of today....I would put a smiling face there, but it would be a technological, abbreviated lie. By tonight, I am sure this cleanse will feel like a slow, roasting death.

Enough about me! How are you??
You are, at this moment, enjoying a randomly found suitcase full of money or some element of a charmed existence, I hope. Hey, it's spring--almost--and Bipolar Betty has new cards for you!

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  1. and I'm proud to know ya! what a clever person you are. and Betty, well, what would my friends do if there weren't a Betty? they'd get really dull cards from me in the mail.