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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emotional Weather Report

A glance through the peephole at works in progress in the little studio out on the edge of the farm. On the tiny television plays "The Great Race" with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. The heater keeps it nice and toasty in there as the leaves fall and the cold whispers from under the crack in the door.

"...things are tough all over
when the thunder storms start
increasing over the southeast
and south central portions
of my apartment, I get upset
and a line of thunderstorms was
developing in the early morning
ahead of a slow moving coldfront
cold blooded
with tornado watches issued shortly
before noon Sunday, for the areas
including the western region
of my mental health
and the northern portions of my
ability to deal rationally with my
disconcerted precarious emotional
situation, it's cold out there
colder than a ticket taker's smile
at the Ivar's Theater on a Saturday night..."

-- "Emotional Weather Report"
by Tom Waits

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